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Other Questions

1. Do I need to create an account to buy something online?

No, You can place the order as a guest. However, by creating a account you can place your next order without a hassle.

2. Can you send me a catalogue?

Unfortunately, we cannot full fill your request for a hard copy of a catalogue. However, you can download our e brochure (Hyperlink the brochure. (PDF version)

3. Do you do delivery outside Sri Lanka?

Sorry. We don't do at the moment. But in future we do.

4. What ring size should I buy?

Please follow this link for our ringside guide.

5. How do I contact Jayda ?

For customer enquiry-hello@jayda.lk

6. What payment method do you use?

We Do,

Pay Here
Cash on Delivery
Bank Tranfer

7. Do you customise jewellery?

Yes, we do, if you have a idea or a design we can do it. Since this is a special order we require 50% deposit upfront.

8. Why are most of your jewellery is so expensive?

Well, there is plenty of mass produced jewellery out there today. But when it comes to us we create jewellery for long run. These are not jewellery to thrown away after three four years usage. These can be in your family heirloom, your success story and specially they are created to be museum worthy after centuries. We don’t rush creating our jewellery pieces. We take time with them and we handcraft each and every pieces of our jewellery. And you can be happy wearing them knowing that you are wearing a pieces of jewellery that create and preserve a career/job that slowly vanishing due to machinery and mass production.

And if you want to learn more why and how important it is to us to create them the way they are please read our blog post XXX. Then you will also understand our passion to quality and long lasting products.

9. Do you do wedding and engagement rings?

Yes, we do, and it is exciting to be in someone happily ever after. You can choose from our current catalogue or we can make one for you.

10. What is the magical corner in your blog?

This is our little corner of magical moments capture by anyone who wears or share or write about Jayda.

-It could be one of magical moments in your life you shared wearing our jewellery.

-Celebrity wearing our pieces

-All other bloggers who write or mention Jayda in their blog. We will try to link back those bloggers.

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